We are The Elmbrook Farm

We live just a few minutes drive to Main Street Picton on a quiet plot of land we have called home since 2019. Rob grew up in Wellington and went to Picton High School before moving away to go to College. Marie was originally born in Newmarket but has lived and has worked most of her life in Toronto and Durham Region. Rob's parents continued to live in the County, and with many visits back, we have seen the transition over the years.

Once we made the decision to leave our small home in the City, it was only one trip out to know that this is where we wanted to set our "roots". Rob had grown up working a Hobby Farm in the County and was excited to start his own. It took quite a lot of effort to transition the soil to be workable.  Marie was a management consultant with a lot of project management expertise - it has helped get the bakery scaled up as business began to expand.

We are fortunate to have a great team
working with us that live right here in the County.  

We have three Bernese Mountain Dogs (RIP Baloo) - the Berner Posse (Denver, Adelaide and our new pup Snoopy) - and you can often see us around the County for early morning walks. They are super friendly and love attention and usually one of them will greet you at the Farmers' Market.

Whether you want a few items or a weekly subscription, we deliver county-wide Tuesday's and Wednesday's depending on your location - at no additional cost.  

We grow what we love.