Someone asked us...

Q - What are microgreens?
A - Microgreens are essentially miniature seedling versions of edible vegetables and herbs. They are in the intermediate growth stage between sprouts and baby greens. They come in a variety of intense, complex flavours ranging from spicy, zesty, nutty, acidic/lemony, and even umami! They can be extremely tender yet crunchy at the same time. They are approximately 1-3 inches tall. Here is why they are more nutritious than regular greens like spinach, lettuce and kale:

  • they are richer in essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium
  • their vitamin and antioxidant levels are up to 40 times higher than more mature greens
  • they are richer in iron, zinc, B vitamins, essential amino acids and folate
  • most importantly, the total nutrient content is more concentrated

Q - The microgreens cost seems a little high - why is that?
A - The seeds are specific for microgreens. They are tested for pathogens and selected for higher germination rates which also equates to a higher cost. We also seed very densely which means seed costs are a major expense. The soil we grow the microgreens in is fresh for every tray we grow. We cannot reuse the soil and it's a quality potting mix. As we grow our microgreens indoors, electricity costs are consequentially very high - also allowing us to control production better with virtually no problems with pests or weeds.

Q - Where do you deliver?
A - Currently, we are offering free delivery to anywhere in Prince Edward County - this is where we live too. PEC delivery is on Tuesday.

Q - How do you use the microgreens?
A - Microgreens can be used to complement any meal such as:

  • juices or smoothies
  • an omelet for breakfast or brunch or with any egg dish
  • for lunch with your sandwich or wrap
  • a main salad or atop your soup
  • a main ingredient in your pesto with pasta
  • on your pizza fresh out of the oven - microgreens are a great fresh addition
  • even as a snack all on their own

Q - Are sprouts the same as microgreens?
A - No they are not - the main difference is you eat the entire sprout whereas with microgreens, you cut them off above the soil level, harvesting just the leaves. That said, sprouts are less nutritious than microgreens with less fiber content, too. Additionally, microgreens take 1-3 weeks to grow (sprouts take under a week). Raw sprouts may also be riskier to eat. Here is an interesting article with more insight.

Q - How can I subscribe weekly?
A - Once you make your selection and pay, we will begin to schedule / plant your order and you will receive your delivery about 2 weeks after that. It typically takes a couple of weeks to grow most microgreens (some take longer). If we do have extra - not already promised to a subscriber - you may be able to purchase some right away. You will be invoiced weekly to ensure we plant your microgreens for continuous deliveries.

Q - Do I have to subscribe to order?
A - No. Simply submit your pre-order on the site and we will get that started for you. Alternatively, we often plant extras each week so we can sell to local restaurants and of course have some for ourselves and newly interested customers. These will show up on the site as available now.

Q - Do I have to wash the microgreens?
A - Short answer is Yes you should wash them but only when you are ready to eat them. Although we don't use pesticides and grow organically, just like any other produce you buy, it is best practice to wash before you eat. You can give them a quick rinse and spin in your salad spinner but only wash what you are going to eat right away as the microgreens don't last long if they are wet (like any other green).


Q - Do you use commercial yeast for your sourdough?

A - No. Our sourdough starter originated from my daughter in Pickering, who got it from her friend who got it from her friend in Australia! We feed our starter daily - often twice a day. It is active and bubbly from our fresh and pesticide free environment.