The Sourdough


Our starter is fed twice daily (most days) and our sourdough bread is naturally leavened. If the starter isn't looking like the marshmellows from s'mores - it just isn't going to make a great product. I have learned patience from making bread - as my granddaughter would say - "grandma - don't rush the process!" 

My love of sourdough came from gluten intolerances I was experiencing and when I realized the issues didn't present themselves with sourdough - I knew it was something I wanted to do and share with others. 

Quality is key and great ingredients make great sourdough products. We use locally grown organic flours from Ontario and Quebec. Our Red Fife flour is from a local PEC farm. All of our breads, baguettes, muffins and biscotti are 100% organic and our bagel dough - along with almost all of their toppings are as well (we are always searching for the best organic products). We use raw unfiltered honey from our own bees that we harvest on our farm.