The Produce


All of our produce is grown in our roughly half acre market plot. We are non certified but we like to think we go beyond organic.   

Our regenerative practices rely on biologically active high quality compost. With that we can increase the organic matter content in our soil and we can also produce our own compost tea and extracts to support soil biological systems. We also supplement the compost with vermicompost from our mini worm farm and biochar made from brush and branches we collect. All this means we sequester carbon within our system, something that can’t be said for most systems that use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides herbicides and fungicides.  

All of our techniques can be scaled for much larger production as well. The nutritional value in plants grown in a healthy biological systems are also greatly increased. In practice, it’s hard work and there are significantly more challenges; but we strive to bring the most delicious and nutritious food to our community and protect the planet at the same time.